Maximising your use of myHq

Follow the steps below to maximise your use of myHq or proceed to your homepage
  1. Add these links to your toolbar

      (add by dragging and dropping the links. Alternatively, right mouse click & save to bookmarks)
    • >>Add Link<< - automatically fills the title & url to add a link
    • >>SavePage<< - fills the title & url & saves the page contents as well
  2. Import your bookmarks

  3. Modify the front page to your liking

  4. Use myHq daily! Invite others. Share your links.

    • Applications - add new applications (links) to your account
    • Permissions - allows you to control access to your links
    • Network - adding others to your network allows you to search only their links
    • Search - you can search your bookmarks/notes & saved pages.
    • Invites - myHq is only by invitation. Invite others!
  5. Tell others where your page is located